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Farelin RPG

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Welcome to Farelin RPG! Feel free to browse any part of the Farelin website!

Game Created by Willie Trent in 2006
To play, read the Information at the Bottom of this page.

What's an RPG?
It's called a ROLE PLAYING GAME.  It is a game in which you and the GM (that's GAME MASTER) play an epic adventure game that you have a character.  That means you are taking control of that imaginary person, or that character.

Farelin RPG is set in a Fantasy world called Endiness.  You and the other players play in the Ocean Kingdom of Farelin.  Your character has a peculiar life in Farelin.  It is different from other RPGs because your character lives like this:
  • Academy - Your character's School.
  • Military - All characters are drafted in the military.
  • Mature - Finally, adulthood, when you get a career and take quests as you near the end of your character's life...

Farelin's Quest system is divided into Campaigns.  These are the different sets of quests for each character.  Once you are in one campaign, you have to finish it.  If you die, you are reincarnated until you finish the campaign.  The GM picks campaigns for you.  All Campaigns follow the life sequence listed above.

Wanna Play?
Then all you need is a CHAT or Instant Messenger.  Farelin RPG is a Play by Chat RPG, so if you want to play, email me, the GM and the Creator, at and tell me your IM address and when you would like to play.

Game Created in 2006 by Willie Trent